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E-Novus® Platform

AIQ’s E-Novus® Platform is a cutting-edge data management, data processing and data storage ecosystem that allows the productization of AI applications at large scale. Developed by AIQ as a dedicated architecture to meet the advanced requirements of complex AI data and analysis challenges, the E-Novus® Platform is the base for all AIQ AI applications.

Using E-Novus Platform, data managers, data scientists and petro-technical experts can leverage multiple disparate sources of data, consolidated on a centralized platform, using advance analytics tools including visualization and real time availability, to unlock the value of their data. E-Novus is the platform for a growing number of AI tools and applications, giving energy professionals cloud-based access to complex data sets and advanced tools to support their data exploration and decision making, all backed with the highest levels of security and access administration to preserve data privacy, security and sovereignty.

E-Novus platform includes a range of features and components to enable advanced AI analytics, including:

  • Secure access, identity and authorization management to protect data
  • Data management features including data ingestors, extractors/connectors, meta data management, data indexation and data qualification
  • Data exploration capabilities including map views, directories, search and filter
  • Visualization capabilities to analyze data including Real Time Data Streaming
  • MLops functions including algorithm orchestration to optimize computing resources, time and increase model usability
  • Collaboration features to enable co-creation while managing apps, roles and parameters

With E-Novus Platform, users can:

  • Access the agility of the cloud without compromising data
  • Break down silos and aggregate data into a single source
  • Reduce time to find data
  • Explore data availability with context
  • Utilize real time monitoring and data visualization
  • Unlock data insights through analytics
  • Increase teamwork and efficiency through collaboration
  • Accelerate deployment of AI solutions

Geo-Novus® Suite

Drill-Novus® Suite

Opti-Novus® Suite

Eco-Novus® Suite