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A unique combination of cloud infastructure data availability and industry expertise

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Data, transformed into insight, and insight into opportunities - this is the invisible engine of the new energy industry

Aggregated from across the value chain, data is like crude, it needs to be refined, analyzed and interpreted for valuable information.

A team of 100+ data scientists, software engineers and SME’s

Global energy leader, ADNOC, has partnered with the UAE’s AI frontrunner, Group 42, to launch AIQ.

This joint venture is built on ADNOC’s world class industry know-how and cutting-edge facilities along with Group 42’s elite data scientists and AI modelling capabilities.

Across the entire value chain, AIQ efficiently collects, categorizes and models data allowing for smarter, safer and more informed decision making.

ADNOC & Group 42 joint venture has enabled the development of breakthrough AI solutions for the Energy industry

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The Oil & Gas foundation for data-driven Enterprises to deploy AI reliably with faster time to impact

Geo-Novus Suite

The Geo-Novus suite is an industry first in subsurface data interpretation. The AI-BHI app fully automates borehole image interpretation, providing key inputs for subsequent structural, geomechanical or sedimentology analysis.

The AI-Geologist app democratizes the use of thin section analysis across multiple disciplines. Thanks to its trained models, thin section images are automatically interpreted delivering important insights for porosity and reservoir modeling.

Drill-Novus Suite

The Drill-Novus suite provides advanced features to optimize and improve the drilling processes.

Opti-Novus Suite

The Opti-Novus suite monitors and tracks assets allowing for maximization of asset lifecycle and optimization of resources. With evolving AI algorithms, Opti-Novus can drastically reduce business maintenance expenditures through predictive analytics and efficient operations design.

Eco-Novus Suite

The Eco-Novus suite utilizes AI technologies to detect, track and report any aspect of production workflows, in order to drive sustainability, energy transition and risk reduction, associated with oil & gas operations.