A Global AI Pioneer Creating the Future of Energy

About Us

AIQ is an Abu Dhabi-based technology pioneer focused on leveraging data to drive AI-powered transformation of the Energy sector towards a more sustainable future. Formed as a joint venture between global energy company ADNOC and UAE AI specialist G42, AIQ is innovating artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions that unlock value across the entire value chain of the Energy sector.

Who we are and what we do?

Leveraging ADNOC’s world class industry knowledge and G42’s AI capabilities, AIQ’s growing team of data scientists and subject matter experts has developed a breakthrough data management platform, E-Novus, and a dedicated suite of applications that are enabling Oil & Gas companies to create sustainable, data-driven digital transformation and make smarter, safer, and more informed decisions.

How we do it?

By bringing together world-class industry know-how, big data, cloud supercomputing infrastructure and leading data scientists, our intelligent ecosystem allows for rapid creation of innovative, advanced cutting-edge AI solutions, accelerating digital transformation across our clients’ businesses.

Why we do it

1At AIQ, we actively contribute to the realization of the UAE’s vision to be a world leader in AI by 2031, cementing Abu Dhabi and the UAE’s position as a global hub for AI and Advanced Technologies and aligning with national strategies aimed at digital transformation and sustainability.

2We are building a better tomorrow.
AIQ leverages data to drive AI-powered transformation of the Energy sector towards a more sustainable future. AIQ’s AI solutions can improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact in line with the UAE’s commitment to Net Zero Carbon by 2050.

3We are inventors. We pride ourselves as frontrunners and innovators in the AI domain and consistently cultivate creative,-ingenious discoveries and developments.

Vision, Mission & Purpose

To be a global AI leader leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies to enable digital transformation of energy for a more sustainable future.

To drive innovation and create real possibilities with AIfor energy by catalyzing a holistic, intelligent ecosystem that accelerates digital transformation to solve complex challenges and unlock value.

To champion AI-driven transformation in energy towards a more sustainable future. AIQ is a disruptive advanced technology pioneer that is working to power digital transformation of energy by fostering an intelligent ecosystem that boost efficiencies and forge towards a better world for future generations.

Proudly made in Abu Dhabi

AIQ proudly creates advanced technology tools and solutions that are entirely made in the UAE, which can be exported to the rest of the world, in support of “Make it in the Emirates”

An expert team of data scientists, software engineers and SMEs

AIQ solutions are built on a unique foundation of 40 years of ADNOC operating data, combined with G42’s cloud expertise and AIQ’s AI innovation, to address the biggest challenges facing the energy sector today.

AIQ’s ground-breaking solutions harness cutting-edge AI techniques including computer vision, IoT, data analytics, NLP and more, to enable unparalleled insights and data-driven decision making in tomorrow’s energy sector.

Leading Change & Transformation

Innovation & Intelligence

Customer Centric & Results Driven

Unity and Thriving as a Team

Our Planet, Our Responsibility

Leading Change & Transformation

Our efforts in leading change and transformation puts us on a journey of continuous improvement and transformation. Change is a constant and we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of discovering and developing new and unique AI models.

Board of Directors

Abdulmunim Saif Al Kindy

Ahmed Tamim Hisham Al Kuttab

Mansoor Al Mansoori

Sophie Hildebrand

Peng Xiao

Executive Leadership Team

Omar Al Marzooqi

Chief Executive Officer, AIQ

Youssef Salem

Chief Financial Officer, AIQ

Dr Ahmad Salem

SVP of Commercial and Business Development, AIQ

Saravan Penubarthi

Chief Technology Officer, AIQ

Magdalena Konig

General Counsel, AIQ