Geo-Novus® Suite

Creating the AI Energy tools of the future

Geo-Novus® Suite

The Geo-Novus® suite is an industry-first in the world of subsurface data interpretation, delivering innovative subsurface interpretation techniques for increased reservoir understanding.

Traditional methods for reservoir interpretation and management are labor-intensive and costly, introducing a high probability of human error, and lack the ability to scale or to integrate with other workflows. This groundbreaking web-based AI-powered application, the Geo-Novus Suite of solutions equips geoscientists with the next generation of reservoir characterization and management tools for Borehole Image and Thin Section interpretations.


AI-BHI application has been designed to alleviate geoscientists of time-consuming and repetitive tasks in borehole image analysis, and to, democratize access to high-end automated borehole image interpretation and allow the seamless integration of borehole geology with advanced geomechanics analysis. Combined with elastic rock properties and in-situ stresses derived from AI-1DMEM and AI-GeoStress applications, the reservoir insights embedded in structural, sedimentary and drilling-induced features can be augmented for holistic sweetspot identification and completion optimization of conventional and unconventional geological formations.


AI-Geologist application bridges the gap between petrographers, petrophysicists and geologists by automating the highly specialized task of thin section interpretation, reducing the time taken from hours to seconds. Leveraging state-of-the-art convolutional neural networks, AI-Geologist delivers a detailed characterization of micron-scale framework grains, matrix permeability, as well as rock textures, facies, MICP and reservoir-scale depositional environments to subsequently be used in geological modeling packages for reliable 3D facies propagation and accurate hydrocarbon saturation modeling.

Case Study

AI-Assisted Thin Section Analysis, the making of a geologically-realistic digital interpretation

The visual interpretation of geological thin section is a meticulous endeavor carried out by geoscie...

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